Monday, December 8, 2008

A Few Tau Laws

1. "One person's unsupplemented tau is less than his whole-life sustenance needs."

2. "The combined tau of more than one (N) persons is greater than N x t."

3. "The extent to which (N x t) is greater, depends upon multiple factors, some of which are:

-- the population size
-- the age composition of the group
-- the gender composition of the group
-- the cultural resources and flexibility of the group
-- the age of the group and physical resources accumulated
-- external predatory forces threatening the group
-- internal predatory or parasitic forces on the group

The ease or difficulty of the environment will effect how these factors play out, but are external to the group dynamics per se.

4. "Above a certain size, an abstract medium of exchange will become necessary."

5. "In any stable society, there will always be some members at any one time who are doing no adult work. If all members are working, this is an indication that the group is in crisis."


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